We started as a rug manufacturing and international export business and now we have ventured into a retail segment with House of Knots - A Luxury designer brand. Over the decades, through this business what has been passed down are the values of diligence and the profound skills that we wish to keep breathing for years to come.

Here, each knot is a work of art that manifests through the ingenious minds residing in Rural India. Every carpet you touch transcends you to the cosmic world of imagination that thrives onto the stories of the fine hands that have played a part in creating the masterpiece. Our aim is to bring the exquisite craftsmanship from the corners of India to the comfort of your home.

Our team at House of Knots promises a paradox, a paradox of traditional and modern. We understand that the authentic value of the classic old-world charm can only be truly brought out when paired with dynamism. Keeping that in mind, we knit together the exclusivity of sacred designs with warmth, love, and care.