Manish Choksi

With over two decades of experience, The focus of his work is on creating simple yet impactful spaces through continuous refinements.
Bombay Velvet
Speckles of Life

The Asymmetric Project


This capsule collection of our all-exclusive rugs breaks free from traditional concepts of designs, shapes and symmetry, to create beauty in chaos and ambiguousness on an inspirational palette of pristine modernism. Crafted with love and diligence by our family of craftsmen, each piece is striking, feels soft underfoot and can add character and personality to your bedroom or any other space.

House of Knots x Manish Choksi

the collection

  • Bombay Velvet

    Bombay Velvet

    Our Bombay Velvet is the quintessential piece. It combines the square, circle and rectangle to create a rug perfect for passageways or the foot of any bed. The colours abound along with geometric engravings that lend the space a touch of whimsy.


  • Speckles of Life

    Speckles of Life

    Speckles of Life is an L-shape carpet which elevates the space with its finery. Life's asymmetrical rhythms are expressed in the elements and hues of this composition. It adds a sense of beauty and essence to the space, making it appealing and valiant.

  • Spheres of Artistry

    Spheres of Artistry

    This craftwork is a medley of three corresponding erratic shapes with delicate colour composition, giving minimal and serene domains a whole new character. It's the heart of the design element that follows the eye right from the moment one enters the home.

The Asymmetric Project