Sona Reddy

Her creative flair illuminates spaces through an electric fusion between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. With each design she effortlessly melds antique charm with a modern essence.

à n ä n d å  

A Luxury Tapestry of Cultural Heritage

Ãnändå is more than a collection of rugs; it’s a luxury tapestry interwoven with the vibrant threads of culture and tradition, offering a unique glimpse into the untouched cultural heritage of Southern India. Crafted from the finest materials, each rug showcases intricate designs that effortlessly encapsulate the essence of the region. It is a tangible embodiment of Southern India’s enduring beauty and a heartfelt tribute to the timeless traditions cherished by the local community.

the collection

  • 1


    "Malati: An ode to the beauty and artistry of the Indian culture"

    The heart of our "Malati" rug features a silhouette of an Indian lady surrounded by delicate jasmine flowers woven in the finest silk. These exquisite blossoms symbolize love and purity, while the soothing hues of this masterpiece reminisce on the age-old beauty of our Indian traditions.

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    "Maya: A tapestry of cultures and traditions, woven with threads of art"

    The Maya rug, inspired by the intricate Kolam designs of South India, is a tapestry of strength and culture. The hibiscus flower, Goddess Durga's favourite bloom, symbolizing valor and power, is the focal point of the rug, crafted in a stunning 3D effect. Every fiber narrates a tale of resilience and heritage, as the Kolam design forms a backdrop to this masterpiece.

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    "Bela: A melange of artistic finesse and delicate hues"

    The Bela rug, with its delicate rose blooms woven in a blend of silk and wool, exudes an ethereal aura of everlasting love and beauty. The exquisite garlands symbolize the enduring bonds of romance and the depth of human emotions.

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    "Dhara: A symphony of art and auspiciousness"

    The Dhara rug is a woven symphony of Indian art and natural beauty, entwining the simplicity of banana leaves and the subtle allure of jasmine blooms. The white flowers are crafted in luxurious bamboo silk, while the red ones are adorned with the delicate sheen of tencel.