Designer Eshita Marwah

Eshita Marwah

The Designer who believes in timeless designs, natural forms, personal touches, paying attention to the tiniest of details and creating bold, one-of-a-kind spaces. Her forte is her way with colours and details.
Lost Stories Rug by Eshita Marwah
Into the wild Depths Rug by Eshita Marwah

Series Longing /e


For all that the world has gone through, for everything we’ve witnessed in the past couple years of our lives have reiterated the importance of appreciating the basic values of humanity. Humanity seems to be on brink of change, willing to embrace new, pared back way of experiencing the world; there's a renewed desire to enjoy more of the simple things in life. Longing /e is an anecdote of the pandemic that magnified every existing 'little thing'. 

Design Inspiration

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    This art represents the feelings of adventure, inspiration, nostalgia, escape, a bird’s eye view of a new city from an airplane’s window, of freedom.
    It represents the motion and the movement of our body, mind and soul into newness, into unknown spaces exploring and discovering miles, and views, capturing the beauty of corners, turns, tunnels, meadows and all that the heart desires.

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    Into the Wild Depths

    Dedicated to the longing for the depths of the oceans and heights of the hills. 
    An escape route to the tranquility of the water, diving into the waves leaving behind fears and worries. 
    To the meditative serenity of mountains, away from the chaos, bringing us closer to ourselves, to peace.

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    Lost Stories

    This color forward rug is designed in reminiscence and anticipation of the small joys. 
    Joys of a night out on the town, of wearing a new pair of shoes, of a stroll in the park, of an unplanned road trip, of a warm hug from a loved one. This piece of art is an abstract representation of objects, spaces, things of desire, dedicated to all the untold happy stories.

Longing by Eshita Marwah